Knowledge Base

Welcome to our Knowledge Base. In this section we aim to provide you with some essential information to help you plan and enjoy your time with Spanish Home Zone. If there’s something we haven’t covered or you would like more information on, please let us know by clicking here More Information.

Air conditioning: All our properties have Air Conditioning systems to cool and heat.
They are very efficient and do not need to be left on to heat or cool a room as most will do so in less than 10 minutes from being switched on.
We ask that you use it sensibly and advise that the air-con works at its best when set to around 22 -24˚ C. The coolest and hottest settings (normally 16 – 30˚C) are not always the most efficient and we advise that regardless of how good the system is it is impossible to heat or cool a room beyond the manufacturers settings.
When using the air-con, keep doors and windows closed. The system is not designed to cool down your patio or the street outside. When leaving the property, turn the air-con off. It will only take only a few minutes to cool down your rooms again when you return.
Above all, please treat your air conditioning7Heating system with respect. Using it irresponsibly is not only unfair to the owners, it’s also unkind to the environment.

Airport Transfers: If you are not making your own arrangements for transfer to your property we will be pleased to assist you.
Here at Spanish Home Zone we provide a fully legal and insured airport collection and transfer service to your rental property. Please enquire about rates and requirements when booking your property.

Banks and currency: Branches of all the major Spanish banks can be found in Pilar de la Horadada offering over the counter transactions from 08.30 until 13.30.
If you’re exchanging currency, then it’s best to do it before you arrive – and preferably not at your airport of departure. Sterling is not generally accepted by the local banks here in exchange for Euros, but there are plenty of ATMs in the area where you can withdraw Euros 24-7 or for topping up Spanish mobile phones.
For those who wish to we can provide secure currency exchange with our Partners prior to your arrival so that your money is protected and you always get the best rates.

Bedding: All bedding and towels, appropriate to the time of year, will be provided for your stay.
As your property is let on a self-catering basis, we do not provide a change of linen or towels during your stay. Please make use of the washing machine provided.
Should you Require a cleaning service during your stay please contact the office in advance.

Community rules: Many of our rental properties are located within small ‘urbanizations’ which share communal areas such as gardens and swimming pools. Each community has published its own set of community rules (a copy of which will be available at the property) so that residents and visitors have mutual enjoyment of their surroundings and facilities. Please familiarize yourself with the community rules and respect them as they are for your benefit, comfort and safety.
Breaches of Community rules will terminate any rental without refund.

Cot hire and baby equipment: For infants and toddlers we can supply a range of equipment through our registered partners to suit your requirements. From cots and stair guards to strollers and baby walkers.
Please ask at time of booking for any baby or child requirements.

Electricity: Just a small point, but if you’re a first time visitor please remember that Spain uses the standard two-pin euro plug for domestic electrical equipment and appliances. Two-pin to three-pin (English standard) adapters are widely available in the UK or can be purchased locally from supermarkets and electrical goods outlets. The power supply is 220 volts.
We have no control however over the local electricity supplier and sometimes the power trips for no apparent reason.
If this happens in the property please reset the fuse and it should work again.
If it does not we have a maintenance team on call to assist you.
Hairdryers, Straighteners and other high wattage items will trip the fuses if bought from the UK.
We are very sorry but there is little to nothing we can do about this in some properties.

Markets: Most towns in the area have a designated market day. Some are larger than others, but mostly share a broad selection of fresh, local produce, household goods, clothing, souvenirs and imports.
Monday : San Pedro del Pinatar (am)
Tuesday : Mil Palmeras (pm) [July and August]
Wednesday : Torre de la Horadada (pm) [July and August]
Thursday : San Javier
Friday : Pilar de la Horadada (am)
Saturday : Playa Flamenca (am)
NB: Market days and times subject to change.

Meet and greet service: Meeting and greeting our rental guests has been one of the cornerstones of our personal service throughout our 10 years of business. We offer you the choice of being met at your airport of arrival and transporting you to your property or meeting you at a pre-arranged rendezvous point to guide you to your accommodation.
In both scenarios, we’ll show you around the property, help you to get your bearings and answer any immediate questions you may have to help make your stay more enjoyable.
Please remember that although Sat-Nav here is slowly getting up to speed with other northern European countries, it is not always 100% reliable in picking out specific properties especially when they are set inside an urbanization or off the beaten track. It’s also worth noting that Spanish postal codes tend to cover a whole town or area rather than an individual property or small cluster as in the UK.

Pool protocol: The crystal clear waters of your private or communal pool are there for all to enjoy thanks to the teams of professionals who work behind the scenes keeping your pool maintained to the highest standards.
However, sometimes the minority can spoil everything for the majority by disregarding a few simple guidelines.
• Always shower before using the pool, taking care to remove as much sand and sun lotion as you can. It’s recommended to shower after using the pool too.
• Refrain from smoking, eating and drinking poolside or in the pool
• Respect other users, residents and visitors alike
• Familiarize yourself and your family of any pool rules especially if you are using a community pool

Towels: A set of bath and hand towels is provided for each guest along with kitchen towels and bath mats. These are for your personal use throughout your stay. Unless requested otherwise prior to booking, please use the laundry facilities available at your accommodation. Beach towels are not provided and we request that you do not use the bath and hand towels supplied for the beach. If you do not wish to bring your own beach towels, these can be arranged for a nominal charge.

Water: The water from the taps in your property is quite safe for washing and preparing food. However, we do recommend that you buy in drinking water from your local supermarket.
Also, please remember that Spain does not have an infinite supply of water so please use your tap water responsibly.

Welcome packs: We offer a choice of welcome packs which contain a selection of essential food and drinks, depending on your requirements. These are especially useful if you’re arriving late at night (after the supermarkets have closed) or if you simply want to have some chilled beers and juices in the fridge on your arrival. Welcome packs must be booked at least 14 days before your arrival, so please let us know your requirements and we can advise of charges.